Monday, March 20th

10:30 AM – Mass

11:30 AM – Pizza Party!

518 E Dewald St. – Fort Wayne, IN

Join Father Patrick Hake for a walk-through of the Holy Mass. Why do we do all the things we do during Mass? What’s with the smoke and bells? Why do we stand and kneel at certain parts of the Mass? What’s it all mean?!

Father will walk the kids through these questions (and much more) to help them more fully understand the beauty of the Holy Mass and why it’s so important to our faith as Catholics.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Free Pizza Party afterwards!


Becoming Catholic is one of life’s most profound and joyous experiences. Some are blessed enough to receive this great gift while they are infants, and, over time, they recognize the enormous grace that has been bestowed on them. Others enter the Catholic fold when they are older children or adults.

Join us at Saint Peter’s!